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Building an active, thriving community for all

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Who We Are

The Chatham Health Alliance is a collaborative of local professionals and community members working together to improve health and well-being in Chatham County. The Alliance brings together both traditional and nontraditional partners to work on issues affecting health in Chatham County, with a focus on the health priorities identified through the Community Assessment process: Access to Comprehensive Health Services, Equity, Healthy Eating, Active Living, and Economic Stability & Resilience.



Our vision is an active, thriving community for all-a Chatham where residents of all races, religions, ethnicity, sexual orientations, and/or gender identities achieve optimal health.


To bring organizations and residents together to work on issues affecting health in Chatham County, with a focus on the health priorities identified in the Community Health Assessment. 

Core Values

The work of the Chatham Health Alliance is rooted in the belief that health decisions are directly impacted by the social, cultural, and environmental contexts in which individuals live, work, play, and pray. Addressing these contexts is larger than any one individual or agency can address on their own, and the strength of the Alliance to create change lies in the participation and engagement of Chatham's residents, businesses, faith communities, civic organizations, nonprofits, and agencies. Joining together, we can identify solutions for our communities rooted in data, evidence, and partnership. 

The most recent Alliance bylaws were revised and adopted in 2019.

Our strategic plan outlines the goals and actions of the Chatham Health Alliance. Each Subcommitee of the Alliance creates a collaborative strategic plan.


Our Work

The Health Priority Subcommittees

The Chatham Health Alliance has four subcommittees focused on the three Health Priorities identified through the 2018 and 2021 Community Assessments, and one standing subcommittee focused on Equity. Subcommittees are action based groups that are made up of organizational and community members of the Alliance who are passionate about working on collaborative strategies. Below you will find descriptions of each subcommittee.

Data Dashboards

Together at the Top

Access to Comprehesive Services

The Access Subcommittee focuses on strategies related to equitable accessibility of physical, mental, and behavioral health services. Current work of the Access subcommittee includes partnering on the EMBRACe project, supporting partners navigate the role out of NCCARE360 and more. Members of this subcommittee include UNC Family Medicine, KidSCope, Chatham Hospital, Piedmont Health Services, Chatham County Public Health Department, Daymark Recovery, and many more.


The Equity Subcommittee is a standing subcommittee of the Chatham Health Alliance. The Equity Subcommittee helps to grow and promote equity internally in the Alliance, in Alliance programs, and publications through review, training, and member engagement. Members of this subcommittee include: Chatham Organizing for Racial Equity, Piedmont Health Services, UNC Family Medicine, NC TraCS Instituate, and many more.

Healthy Eating, Active Living

The H.E.A.L. Subcommittee focuses on strategies related  to physical activity and nutrition. Among many community based strategies, the H.E.A.L. Subcommittee helps implement the Chatham Worksite Wellness program, the Healthy Hospital program, and SNAP/EBT programs at Farmer's Markets. Members of this subcommittee include: Chatham County Parks and Recreation, the Partnership for Children, Chatham County Schools, Chatham County Cooperative Extension, Chatham County Public Health Department, Safe Kids Chatham, and many more.

Economic Stability and Resilience

The Resilience Subcommittee focuses on social determinants of health with an emphasize on strategies related to Education, Employment, and Neighborhood & Built Environment. Currently the Resilience Subcommittee is working on developing leadership opportunities for Chatham County youth, workforce development, and community service co-location including the Alliance Community Resource Hub. Members of this subcommittee include: Salvation Army, Chatham Literacy, Chatham Education Foundation, Insight Human Services, Daymark Recovery, Chatham County Mangers Office, Economic Development Corporation, NCWorks, and more.

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Donna Smith, Chatham Trades


Open Position: Nominate a new Vice-Chair here!

Michael Zelek, Public Health Representative, Director of the Chatham County Public Health Department

Eric Wolak, Hospital Representative, Cheif Nursing Officer at Chatham Hospital

Karinda Roebuck, Equity Subcommittee Co-Chair, Executive Director of Chatham Organizing for Racial Equity

Tara Gregory, H.E.A.L. Subcommittee Chair, Extension Agent, N.C. Cooperative Extension

Donna Smith, Resilience Subcommittee Co-Chair, Service Center Director for the Salvation Army

Travis Patterson, Resilience Subcommittee Co-Chair, Community Service and Restitution Coordinator for  Communities in Schools

Alexa Moberley, Access Subcommittee Co-Chair, UNC Gillings School of Public Health Candidate



Member Agencies
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