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Community Assessment

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The 2018 Chatham County Community Assessment is now available!

Explore your Community.

Do you want to know what’s going on in your community? The Community Assessment is filled with data on topics ranging from affordable housing to education and unemployment to water quality. Click the images below to download the full report and highlights in English and Spanish.



The 2018 Prioritization presentation is also available. Click here to view the presentation. Additional information is available in the slide notes, included here.

The Community Assessment is an ongoing process that includes a multi-phase survey and community conversations used to identify the issues that most affect the health and well-being of Chatham County residents. The process provides a snapshot of the county and its residents – what is needed, what challenges are faced, what strengths and opportunities exist in the community, and what can be done together to make life better.

The 2018 results of this process helped the Chatham Health Alliance, Chatham County Public Health Department, Chatham Hospital, and multiple community organizations identify the 2018 Health Impact Priorities: Access to Comprehensive Health Services, Obesity, and Poverty. These priorities will focus collaborative efforts to find ways to facilitate positive outcomes for the community.

In 2014, many of these same partners conducted a Community Health Assessment and from that process, the community helped identify these priorities: Obesity, Access to Mental Health Services, and Access to Healthcare. The executive summary can be found here.

Join a Conversation.


In addition to the surveys, community conversations are being held across the county. Check back to this website for dates and details of upcoming community conversations. You can also find more information on our Facebook page.





Take Action.

We have new Health Impact Priorities – now what? The Chatham Health Alliance has formed new subcommittees to focus collaborative efforts to address these issues. To learn more about these efforts or to join a subcommittee, click the link below.


We’ll keep you updated via this page and Facebook, but you’re always welcome to check in with us to see where we are in the process. Contact or 919-545-8323.

After all, this is your plan.

Join our Collaborative Effort.    

The 2018 report is complete, but the Community Assessment is an ongoing effort that brings together people just like you with our county leaders, public health agencies, healthcare, community organizations, businesses, and academic institutions. This process is for everyone and seeks to benefit us all. If you are interested in becoming a partner or volunteering, please contact or 919-545-8323.

If you are a business or organization and want to support this process, we welcome your support and offer a few levels for consideration.

  • Joint Assessment Partners are organizations that will use the data collected to guide their work. This is a good option for organizations that are required to collect community data or conduct a community assessment, and involves a more significant monetary contribution.
  • Sponsors are Chatham organizations and businesses that are willing to provide financial support to ensure the Community Assessment is a success.
  • Endorsers offer formal support for the Community Assessment through a Letter of Support.
  • Alliance members will form the Steering Committee for the Community Assessment.

To find out more, take a look at the Community Assessment Partnership Letter.

The 2018 Community Assessment was supported by the following agencies:

Joint Assessment Partners & Sponsors

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