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Rethink Your Drink Campaign: Chatham Hospital Café, August 2020

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

As part of an ongoing effort to improve food offerings on site, Chatham Hospital in Siler City has partnered with the Chatham Health Alliance for the Rethink Your Drink Campaign.

The goal of the campaign is to reduce the consumption of sugary beverages and increase drinking of those in the Green (Go) Zone, such as water, unsweetened seltzer water, and unsweetened green tea. The campaign also encourages monitoring intake of Yellow drinks such as apple juice, orange juice, and various “diet” beverages like diet cola.

The hospital has taken steps in recent months to enhance the culture of health within its walls, particularly in the café. Fryerless Fridays were introduced, eliminating fried foods from the menu on Fridays, and soda fountains were replaced with filtered water and ice machines. The Rethink Your Drink campaign continues that effort.

The sweltering heat of summer is a great time to start using this mindset, as hydration becomes more important. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the hospitality and catering industry, fresh and sustainable foods are still readily available. In partnership with the Chatham Health Alliance, Chatham Hospital is continuing its efforts in that area.

Whether at the hospital café or anywhere in Chatham County, the CHA encourages those craving that “refreshing sip” of a cold cola in the Red Zone to Rethink Your Drink.

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