Social & Community Services Manager 


The Social and Community Service Manager (SCSM) of the Chatham Health Alliance (Alliance) is responsible for overseeing the projects, initiatives, and assessments of the Alliance; including design, implementation, and evaluation.  

General Description of Duties and Responsibilities:

The SCSM of the Alliance serves to protect and improve health at the community and population level through the advancement of programmatic initiatives that seek to create the sustainable conditions by which all Chatham County residents can lead healthy lives. The SCSM designs and implements projects, programs, and initiatives identified by the membership of the Alliance through the Alliance Strategic plan.


  1. Equity: Embedding health equity in all Alliance programs, projects, and initiatives.

    • Collaborating with partners to ensure that equity is a priority in planning and implementation of all programs.

    • Continued training and professional development in equity related topics.

    • Dedication to and advocacy for a framework of equity for the Alliance.

  2. Program Development: Identifies, develops, implements, and evaluates Alliance projects and initiatives. 

    • Work with the Chatham Health Alliance subcommittees to identify projects based on the Alliance strategic plans. 

    • In collaboration with community members and Alliance partners and subcommittees, develop action plans for the implementation and evaluation of projects and initiatives.

    • Carry out on the ground activities for the implementation and maintenance of Alliance projects. 

    • Identify performance metrics, including process and outcome measures, to monitor and evaluate progress and outcomes of policies and initiatives. 

    • Research and pursue grant and other funding opportunities, as appropriate, to support the development and implementation of identified policies, initiatives, and the Health Alliance. 

  3. Community Partnership and Engagement: Develop and maintain community partnerships. Engage community members in the identification and development of Alliance projects and assessments.

    • Establish and maintain relationships with community members and groups, stakeholders, and agency partners. 

    • Represent the Alliance on organizational, county and/or community committees as they relate to the mission of the Alliance, public health, and equity-based efforts and initiatives. 

    • Pursue collaborative strategies that align cross-sector population goals and decrease duplicative efforts. 

    • Build and participate in community partnerships with key stakeholders, such as the school district, faith communities, equity-focused collaborators, other county departments, and municipalities. 

    • Plan and conduct community engagement and outreach activities to advance and promote health department initiatives and build partnerships, with a focus on opportunities to inform program policy goals and strategies and build community investment in programs, projects, and decision-making processes. 

    • Coordinate equity-focused committees. Serve as a resource to staff on best practices for effective community engagement.

  4. Community Assessment and Data Sharing: Working with the Chatham Health Alliance Executive Director, Chatham Hospital, and the Chatham County Public Health Department on the Community Assessment (CA).

    • Collaborate with CCPHD to ensure completion and submission of the CA every 3 years

    • Disseminating CA cohort data (during 3-year cycles and intermittent survey years) to the Alliance membership and Chatham community

    • Work with the Executive Director and Alliance members on health topic prioritization, strategic planning, and Community Health Improvement Plan development.


A master’s degree in public health or related field; or current master’s student in public health or a related field; or graduation from a four-year college or university with a major in public health or a related field; or graduation from a four-year university and two years’ experience in public health or a related field; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.


Temporary Salaried Position


Commensurate with experience 

Salary Range: $38,000-$43,000