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Worksite Wellness Chatham

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What is Worksite Wellness Chatham? 

Worksite Wellness Chatham is an initiative of the Chatham Health Alliance, aimed to increase the number of Chatham employers with worksite wellness programs. Members of the Alliance’s Obesity subcommittee use the Worksite Wellness Chatham Toolkit to reach out to, and support Chatham employers in establishing and maintaining worksite wellness programs at their worksites.

 Why Worksite Wellness?

Worksite wellness provides a unique opportunity to target multilevel factors associated with obesity. Programs target individual and interpersonal health through activities such as education and screenings. Workplace policies shape work environments that directly influence employees’ health behaviors. This includes working with human resources and insurance companies to include wellness resources within employee benefits packages.

In addition to proven health benefits for employees, worksite wellness programs have been shown to increase employee productivity and morale, reduce organization turnover, and increase healthcare cost-savings through reduced absenteeism and workers compensation costs.

 Here in Chatham County, worksite wellness has the potential to engage a large number of residents, just the top five Chatham employers alone have up to 4,000 employees.

 How to get involved

  1. Start a worksite wellness program at your office by download the Worksite Wellness Chatham: Obesity Prevention Toolkit and reach out to the Alliance for support at (919) 545-8443 or
  2. Or join the Obesity Subcommittee to help reach out to, and support Chatham employers to implement worksite wellness by competing the survey at Get Involved or by contacting the Alliance Coordinator, at or (919) 545-8443.
  • Worksite Wellness Chatham Toolkit: In Worksite Wellness Chatham toolkit you will find, 1) A brief summary of current evidence supporting worksite wellness, 2) An introduction to several free, ready-to-use programs, 3) Recommended policy and environmental changes that impact worker health, and 4) A review of related local resources.
  • Prioritization Tool: A decision aid for your and your organization to prioritize the program(s) that fit your needs. The Prioritization tool is also included as an appendix in the toolkit. 
  • Policy Planning Checklist: This checklist contains the steps that you can use use to plan for a policy changes, including to developing the policy and ensuring effective implementation. The Policy Planning Checklist is also included as an appendix in the toolkit. 
  • Community Resources  An interactive map with Chatham-based resources that can help support your worksite wellness program can be found here: Interactive Worksite Wellness Resource Map. A list of resources can be downloaded here: Community Resources to Support Worksite Wellness.
  • Worksite Wellness Chatham Frequently Asked Questions: Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about Worksite Wellness Chatham.
Participating Employers

YOU could be one of the first!! Contact Laura Hearn, Project Manager for the Obesity Subcommittee at 919-545-8362 or

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