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Planning & Public Health

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What is a Comprehensive Plan?
planchathammeetingA Comprehensive Plan establishes policy that sets forth goals and feasible implementation steps for the development of a community over a 25 year horizon. The Plan will reflect the community’s assets, expectations, aspirations, challenges, opportunities, and key partnerships. It will guide those whose decisions affect the future land use and conservation of the County included but not limited to elected officials, appointed officials, county staff, local organizations, and investors. It will address, examine, and develop recommendations for a number of elements including Transportation, Agriculture, Natural Resources/Environment, Utilities/Infrastructure, Housing, Economic Development, Health, Parks and Recreation, and Land Use. 
Including Health into the Comprehensive Planning Process
Through the Comprehensive Planning Process, issues of health have been examined, resulting in a Plan goal, “Foster a healthy community.” Policy recommendations will be developed in response to how the county can foster better community health as the community continues to grow and develop.  The three major focus areas of the 2014 Community Health Assessment has been used to identify initiatives related to the elements of the Comprehensive Plan (land use, parks and recreation, natural resources, infrastructure, etc.). The Comprehensive Plan will look at existing conditions and create new health related policy and program recommendations to address these identified health issues (obesity prevention, access to healthcare, access to mental health services, and health equity) in the county. 

More information may be found about the plan by visiting the County Planning Department’s Webpage.

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