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Community Conversations

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To ensure the work of the Chatham Health Alliance fits with the needs and priorities of Chatham residents, the Alliance has made community engagement a centerpiece of its efforts. In 2017, a working group of the Alliance was formed to carry out Community Conversations in Chatham County. Learn more about Community Conversations below.
What is a Community Conversation? 
In short, community conversations are a structured way to get community perspective on an issue or set of issues, in this case health. The goal of these Community Conversations in Chatham County is to create a healthy partnership between the community and the Alliance. This partnership helps to establish in-depth communication lines to better understand the issues and opportunities in communities, especially those that are often underrepresented in data. This is an evidence-based tool that is easily modified to address a variety of topics.
How do Community Conversations differ from Town Halls or Focus Groups?
The key here is conversation. Community Conversations are designed to engage participants in ongoing discussions that build trust and understanding. They are not designed to promote a certain stance or ideology, but to learn from those who come and seek ways to achieve together.
Where are they held?
We are currently in the planning stages of these efforts. While the goal is to expand to reach many different communities, priority will be for those communities that have higher rates of poor health outcomes or barriers to healthful living.
Where else have they been done?
We are certainly not the first to lead Community Conversations. Many communities across North Carolina and the country have seen the benefits of this model in their work. The following nearby examples highlight these efforts.

Burlington, North Carolina.
Raleigh, North Carolina
How to get involved 

Contact Michelle Wright at (919) 545-8363 or to learn more about Community Conversations, including how to host a conversation at your organization. 

Get Involved 

We welcome all interested residents and organizations to join the Alliance and our subcommittees. If you would like to be a part of the Alliance’s efforts, we welcome you to join us by competing the survey at Get Involved or by contacting the Alliance Coordinator, at or (919) 545-8443. 

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