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Community Assessment Process and Guiding Documents

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We have taken careful consideration to ensure that the Chatham Community Assessment aligns with best practices in survey methodology, data management, and participant protections.

This includes undergoing a rigorous review process through our Scientific Advisory Committee, a panel of experts from the Chatham Community, who helped to shape the Community Assessment Protocol.

This protocol provides a detailed breakdown of the assessment process, including aims, design and methodology, data management and safety monitoring, ethical considerations, data analysis, project timeline, expected application of results, informed consent, as well as the complete Community Survey.

Read the full text of the Protocol here: Chatham Community Assessment Protocol 

The Community Assessment also received approval through the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the state of North Carolina. IRB uses a group review process to review protocols and related materials to ensure the protection and rights of participants.

IRB approval was granted on 1/2/2018: Community Assessment IRB Approval

To further ensure the rights and protections for participants, we also received a Certificate of Confidentiality. This certificate “protects the privacy of participants… With limited exceptions, researchers may not disclose names or any information, documents or biospecimens containing identifiable, sensitive information. The Certificate prohibits disclosure in response to legal demands, such as a subpoena.”1

The Certificate of Confidentiality was granted on 1/9/18: Community Assessment Certificate of Confidentiality