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Healthy Meeting Pledge

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As the Chatham Health Alliance (Alliance) strives to achieve our vision of “an active, thriving community for all- a Chatham where residents of all races, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender identities achieve optimal health,” The Alliance recognizes that many of the leading causes of death in Chatham County can be prevented through healthy eating and physical activity.   

To this end, effective June 6, 2017, it is Alliance policy that all activities and events (meetings, catered events, community events, etc.) sponsored or hosted by the Alliance will adhere to the following Healthy Meeting Standards:


  • Only water, coffee, tea, and other unsweented beverages will be offered
  • Fruits and/or vegetables will be offered whenever food is served
  • Provide serving size and calorie information when available
  • Serve lean, unprocessed protein (ex. poultry, fish)
  • When serving meals, provide a vegetarian option
  • For special occasions and dinner, cut desserts in half or serve small portions. For lunches, breaks, or regular meetings, serve fruit as dessert.
  • Whenever possible, offer foods prepared in a healthy way (grilled, baked, poached, roasted, braised, or broiled, as opposed to fried).

Physical Activity

  • Mention to attendees that it is fine to move within the meeting space (standing, stretching, etc.)
  • Include at least one short physical activity break in all meetings over 1 hour
  • Implement or encourage walking meetings, when possible


  • Meetings and events are to be held in smoke-free facilities
  • Tobacco use is prohibited at all Alliance meetings and events


  • Make recycling bins available at Alliance meetings and events
  • Use locally sourced and sustainably produced food and materials, when possible