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Chatham Health Alliance Identifies New Priorities

Post Date:10/05/2018 1:51 PM

The Chatham Health Alliance met on Tuesday, October 2nd to review findings from the 2018 Chatham County Community Assessment and identify health priorities to focus on over the next three years.

Representatives from county agencies, nonprofits, and community members viewed data collected through the 2018 Chatham County Community Survey, focus groups, community conversations, and keyAlliance Prioritization 2018 5 informant interviews, as well as statistics from the 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, Chatham County Comprehensive Plan, Chatham County Aging Plan, and numerous local, state, and national sources. This year’s process included a novel cohort approach to the community survey, which will provide ongoing community perspective as the Alliance works to address the new health priorities. 

Topics covered at the meeting highlighted the multitude of factors that affect community health and well-being, including chronic disease, community cohesion, economic growth and development, environment, healthcare, healthy living, housing, mental health, personal development and growth, safety, sexual health, and substance use.

After multiple rounds of discussion and voting, the nearly 100 attendees selected three health priorities: Access to Comprehensive Health Services (which is inclusive of both healthcare and mental health care), Poverty, and Obesity/Physical Inactivity. Over the next few months, the full Community Assessment report will be completed, and the Alliance will develop action plans to address these priority issues.

“As both the Chief Nursing Officer of Chatham Hospital and the Chair of the Chatham Health Alliance, I am thankful for, and impressed by the outcome of the Chatham County Community Needs Assessment and look forward to working with the Chatham Health Alliance in addressing the top identified needs,” said Tammy Needham. “It was obvious to me, sitting in the room with 100 Chatham County residents, that Chatham County is engaged in becoming a healthier county.”

“We are grateful to the many community partners who took the time to assist with and participate in this important process,” added Chatham County Health Director Layton Long. “We look forward to working with these partners and community members to advance health in Chatham in the coming years.”

In addition to providing data and guidance to the Chatham Health Alliance and community organizations and agencies, the Community Assessment fulfills requirements of the Chatham County Public Health Department and Chatham Hospital, who co-led this process.

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