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2018 Community Assessment

Community Assessment is the foundation for improving and promoting the health and well-being of county residents. A key component of the Community Assessment is the Community Opinion Survey. Through this survey, Chatham residents share their perspectives on the strengths, concerns, resources and emerging issues in their communities.

The Community Assessment takes a holistic view of the factors impacting Chatham residents and recognizes the importance of the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work, and age to health. Collectively, these factors are known as social determinants of health. By considering the social determinants of health, the Community Assessment captures information essential to improving the well-being of Chatham residents. As such, the Community Assessment provides information on a broad range of topics that are important to many local agencies, organizations, and community groups, such as education, employment, environment, health, housing, safety, and transportation.

The last Community Assessment was completed in 2014 and information on the 2014 Community Health Assessment can be found here.

A Collaborative Effort

The Community Assessment is a collaborative effort and brings together residents, county leaders, public health agencies, healthcare, community organizations, businesses, and academic institutions. In addition to those already involved in the process, we are continuously seeking partners and volunteers to support the Community Assessment.

Individuals interested in being part of the Community Assessment Steering Committee can contact Shannon Kincaide Godbout at or 919-545-8443.

Interested organizations can be part of and support the Community Assessment process as Joint Assessment Partners, Sponsors, and/or Endorsers. Information on each level can be found in this Community Assessment Partnership Letter.

The 2018 Community Assessment is supported by the following agencies. 

Joint Assessment Partners

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