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Chatham County, Let’s Talk.

Be a part of the Community Assessment and let us know what it will take to make Chatham County a better community for everyone.

The Community Assessment is an ongoing process that includes a multi-phase survey and community conversations used to identify the issues that most affect the health and well-being of Chatham County residents. The process provides a snapshot of the county and its residents - what they need, what challenges they face, what strengths and opportunities exist in the community, and what we can do together to make life better.

 The results of this process will help the Chatham Health Alliance, Chatham County Public Health Department, Chatham Hospital and multiple community organizations identify what their priorities should be and go about finding ways to create positive outcomes for the community.

 In 2014, many of these same partners conducted a Community Health Assessment and from that process, the community helped identify these priorities: Obesity, Access to Mental Health Services, and Access to Healthcare. The executive summary can be found here.

This year, we want your help in updating those priorities, addressing new issues, and creating solutions. There are several ways to participate and have your voice heard.

Take the 2018 Community Survey.  Chatham-WebImage-Woman

One of the most important tools of the Community Assessment is the Community Opinion Survey. This survey will be mailed to a random sample of Chatham County residents in February. If you are one of the residents who receives this survey, please take the time to respond. We want to hear from you, and your response ensures that your community and your voice are included.

 Tell us about the issues that affect the well-being of people in your community, share your opinions and let us know what your community needs to make life better. Who better to tell us what’s going on in your neighborhood than you?

 In March, we will send out volunteers to follow up in person with those residents who received a survey but have not responded.

Participate in a Focus Group. Join a Conversation. Chatham-WebImage-Man

In addition to the surveys, there will also be a number of focus groups and community conversations over the next several months. Check back to this website for dates and details. You can also find more information on our Facebook page.

And to keep the conversation going, we will feature rotating questions here on this page throughout the assessment process.  


 Offer Feedback. Chatham-WebImage-Couple

Later this year, staff will put together the findings from the survey, focus groups, community conversations, website responses and data from additional local, state and national sources. Based on these findings, the Chatham Health Alliance will prioritize focus areas for the next three years and then present to the public for feedback.

We’ll keep you updated via this page and Facebook, but you’re always welcome to check in with us to see where we are in the process, contact or 919-545-8323.

After all, this is your plan.

Join our Collaborative Effort.              

The Community Assessment brings together people just like you with our county leaders, public health agencies, healthcare, community organizations, businesses, and academic institutions. This process if for everyone and seeks to benefit all of us. If you are interested in becoming a partner or volunteering, please contact or 919-545-8323.

If you are a business or organization and want to support this process, we welcome your support and offer a few levels for consideration.

  • Joint Assessment Partners are organizations that will use the data collected to guide their work. This is a good option for organizations that are required to collect community data or conduct a community assessment, and involves a more significant monetary contribution.
  • Sponsors are Chatham organizations and businesses that are willing to provide financial support to ensure the Community Assessment is a success.
  • Endorsers offer formal support for the Community Assessment through a Letter of Support.
  • Alliance members will form the Steering Committee for the Community Assessment.

To find out more, take a look at the Community Assessment Partnership Letter.

The 2018 Community Assessment is supported by the following agencies.

Joint Assessment Partners & Sponsors

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